JOURNEY in « no time »

Awareness is the key to awake oneself to TRUTH, LIFE and LOVE. And this may happen only if we are able to be Witness of our own thought. Indeed, our « little self » (ego/mind) is only this stream of thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motions, remembrances and so on… What India calls « vasanas », which command and rule, even if we don’t notice, most of our behaviour through predetermined patterns we have built ourself, because we look for safety and power, instead of surrender to the Call of Real Life.

As soon as we SEE this so mighty delusion, we are able to free ourselves from its power, we are able to go deep in our intimacy, in our heart, where (and only where) we may face our true Self, that is full love, freedom, joy and peace

But we have to be careful : this awakening is possible only if we feel that we are in constant relationship with others, with our environment, with nature, and so on. For we are made of the same Energy, the same atoms etc, and as soon as we forget it, as soon as we believe we are separate, we can’t make the travel : we are trapped with our own jail.

At the opposite, if we know we are all and the same, then the journey is a REAL one…

Hence, we have at any moment to be solid and firm on our own inner basis – the Kingdom as Jesus said, , and from this deep connection within the pure Consciousness, we may enjoy the wonderful play of Life, without be grasped by our own desires, jealousy, envy, anger, lust… but oriented from within by the Star of Divine Light ; then Love may flow from our inner Source, and nothing else is further necessary !


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