the most wonderful new for today

Hi anybody !


I am very happy to hear from you, and check that what I feel in my heart is so close of your ! Well, Master Key Alliance is REALLY an alliance

So, I want to share with you a dream I have and I will realize « asap » (as soon as possible), and thanks to everyone of you, it could happen no so late. You know, I am know working a lot for Jeunesse – as most of you I think ? and as a Yoga teacher (practice from 40 years and teaching from 20 years), I can tell you that when you JOIN together Yoga life style / wisdom / discipline / …joy and so on, and JEUNESSE products and vision, you have the greatest goal you may have : maintain or restore your health, wealth, welfare, opening (mind, heart..), create wonderful relationships because you are now able to really FEEL what your « brother » or « sister » feels and lives, so you give hand, and you are given hand too, and you check that the same Spirit, the same Energy, is working everywhere, at any time… We have only to be AWARE, Full Consciousness, quiet, confident, smiling (don’t forget) and full of gratitude, and everything takes its right place and sense and dedication.

Hence, I feel next year is the great opportunity to organize definitely new « Y and Y » courses, we would share yoga experience AND youth experience..

I need ideas, contacts, network from anybody who feels concerned by this project, vision, dedicated to the best for everyone. And when we succeed, we share to the max of people and invite all those who have not got the same chance to join to us and make the largest family in the world !

God bless you, and I apologize about my « french style » english writing !


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