The most fantastic adventure in my life..

Who would have been able to imagine that so many wonderful transformations would take place in my life ? Sure, I would never have !

But some weeks before, an angel came to me, through very ordinary circumstances, and something deep in myself felt that an inside « call » was inviting me to listen to him ; so I did, and it was the beginning of what I now will design as my « real life » – and « second life », indeed

As a new babe I am now growing and eating step by step, only asking for guidance from God and every messenger He will send to me, nourishing in my heart a very burning desire to achieve my goals for His full Glory, sharing wisdom, health and wealth with anybody I meet ; and I want too sing my gratitude to every people who undertook a similar journey before I do : they show the way and give full confidence !


Une réflexion au sujet de « The most fantastic adventure in my life.. »


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